Tom Lanzki

alias Jean Paul

alias Ronny

Actor, 1963, Dortmund (D)
Education: Royal Shakespeare Company, London
and École de Théâtre, Paris
Director, pyromaniac and visionary

Nailor Holmsten

alias Jean Jaques

alias Johnny

Actor, 1972, Hamburg (D)
Education: Autodidakt, Philippe Gaulier
Stuntdriver, pyromaniac and dreamer

Olivier Capelier

alias Jean Pierre


Actor, 1962, Nimes (F)
Education: Ecole de Théâtre, Nîmes
Director, pyromaniac und phantast

Lucas Schäfer

alias Roger


Actor, 1987, Hamburg (D)
Education: O33, Schauspielschule, Hamburg
Pyromaniac und Dancer

Michi Menke

alias Micky

Technician, 1987, Weener (D)
Education: Studio Hamburg
technical supervisor, the only realist here :)


Yes, we are planning a new show. Small, interactiv and of course - funny. First rehearsels will start soon...


The theatre project Helix 2 will take place in Hamburg from 20.5. to 2.6. Young Street Artists from Hamburg, Marseille and Shanghai will meet to work out a street performance under direction of Bängditos theaters ...

Johnny's Stuntshow Johnnys Stuntshow

Live from Las Vegas - and only tonight! Buuurrrning wheels and hot duffy action.


A Fountain, 7 meter high and 3 actors at 10 bar. Naive. Absurd. Obsessive.

2 CV2 CV

It burns, it smokes - the 2 CV collapses. When 2 french tourists losse their way back to Paris...