PlakatistaYes, we are planning a new show! Secretly, silently and quit we are using winter time to plan new shows and to realise some new ideas...

very secret working title

Very soon we'll public more here. So please com back in a few days...


Well, it's about 2 Plakatista who - fully equipped - are looking for good places to install their posters and banners out in the streets. But they are not the most enlightend ones - their way to install their message on the good places becomes more and more a mission imossible!


They block the street, they stop passers-by - charmingly they slow down all activities around and involve others in their situation until they finally present their message of...


Japp, what message? For sure they have their own banners and posters but they are open to work for anybody - to announce festivals, celebrations, openings...


They work on all banner and poster activities, because they are proffesionals and know everything about plakatista. Charming, comical and yes, not efficient in pure work.

Bängditos theater




Yes, we are planning a new show. Small, interactiv and of course - funny. First rehearsels will start soon...


The theatre project Helix 2 will take place in Hamburg from 20.5. to 2.6. Young Street Artists from Hamburg, Marseille and Shanghai will meet to work out a street performance under direction of Bängditos theaters ...

Johnny's Stuntshow Johnnys Stuntshow

Live from Las Vegas - and only tonight! Buuurrrning wheels and hot duffy action.


A Fountain, 7 meter high and 3 actors at 10 bar. Naive. Absurd. Obsessive.

2 CV2 CV

It burns, it smokes - the 2 CV collapses. When 2 french tourists losse their way back to Paris...